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scuba diving internshipsWELCOME to SCUBA DIVING INTERNSHIPS

With our SSI Scuba Diving Internships there certainly is a future.

Scuba Diving Internships are full time residential courses at our Dive Centres, in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Flores, Indonesia. Scuba Diving Internships work in conjunction with Diver Paradise Komodo. After running courses nearly teo decades in Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines we move back to Indonesia now. Because it involves total immersion (no pun intended) in dive theory and practice, it is .

unquestionably the best way to promote your scuba diving skills to professional levels, or to make the life-changing step up to becoming an Instructor. A well-conducted Internship will give you much more than basic qualifications. You will join in the life of a working business and learn invaluable professional secrets along with your scuba diving skills

But an Diving Internship is only as good as the Dive Centre and the Instructor conducting it. The professionalism and philosophy of the people teaching you should be as exemplary as their technical and educational abilities. The habits and attitudes you acquire during your internship will influence the rest of your diving career.

 Why choose us? Scuba Diving Internships

Scuba Diving Internships we has SSI courses of the highest possible standard available.

Our in house Instructor Certifier is the former SSI Training Director and SSI Instructor Examiner for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei (SMB), so who can train you better than the Trainer of the Trainers.

We believe that proper dive training involves more than mastery of theory and the development of outstanding technical skills. Our reefs and oceans are in peril. As divers, we of all people should be working to preserve and enhance them. Scuba Diving Internships Indonesia  is a Deep Blue Ocean Ranger Center.

Our Scuba Diving Internships are conducted at a purpose-built facility, designed by divers for divers. Unlike most other operators in Indonesia (and elsewhere), we have everything needed for your training right on site. Our Internees train on sites other divers cross the world to see.

Life after SSI Scuba Diving Internships in Indonesia ?

With SSI Scuba Diving Indonesia Internships there certainly is. In fact job placement for all 100% successful SSI Instructors candidates and SSI Crossover Instructors Scuba Internships is available in various countries, as SSI is in great demand of Dive Pro’s.

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