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About Us - Scuba Diving Internships

Our in house Instructor Certifier at Labuan Bajo, Komodo National Park, Flores, Indonesia is the former SSI Training Director and SSI Instructor Examiner for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei (SMB), so who can train you better than the Trainer of the Trainers. 

ssi-instructor-training-indonesiaHere in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Flores, Indonesia we have full time residential courses. Because it involves total immersion (no pun intended) in dive theory and practice, it is unquestionably the best way to promote your scuba diving skills to professional levels, or to make the life-changing step up to becoming an Instructor. A well-conducted Internship will give you much more than basic qualifications. You will join in the life of a working Business and learn invaluable professional secrets along with your scuba diving skills.

But a Scuba Diving Internship is only as good as the Instructor SSI& SSI SSI Dive Centre conducting it. The professionalism and philosophy of the instructors teaching you should be as exemplary as their technical and educational abilities. The habits and attitudes you acquire during your scuba diving internship will influence the rest of your diving career.

We believe that proper dive training involves more than mastery of theory and the development of outstanding technical skills. Our reefs and oceans are in peril. As divers, we of all people should be working to preserve and enhance them

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Nearly all courses are now available with the new SSIApp for ISO https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/divessi/id955144690 or for Android on google play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.divessi.divessi SSI set another milestone in the home study approach. Download the course you want to take, then read the sections, whatch the embedded videos and answer the review questions for each chapter. After that all you have to do is pass the exam and continue with pool and Open Water Dives 

Why SSI?

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With all the professional diver-training programs out there, why should a diver or a newcomer to scuba diving choose to become an SSI Diver? The choice is simple when you understand the key elements behind SSI's training system.
Quality Dealers. SSI Authorized Dive centres are carefully selected to meet our high standards. We only work with full service, reputable retailers, resorts and charter operators who run professional scuba schools, sell and service equipment and offer additional services to meet all your diving needs.
Quality Instructors. SSI is the only agency that requires instructors to affiliate with a full-service Authorized Dive Centre SSI Instructors are monitored on-site for adherence to the SSI Training Standards, professional conduct and performance, to ensure your course is taught tight.
SSI's the Leader in Home Study Training. Home study is the hottest thing in dive training because it allows you to spend more time in the water developing ability and comfort. In 1990 SSI pioneered this technique and we're still the leader today.
Comfort Through Repetition. SSI Instructors use our highly-effective water training method called comfort through repetition. Scuba skills become second nature, so you can relax and enjoy yourself when you go diving.

World-Wide Respect and Recognition. SSI divers are respected all over the world because of SSI's reputation for training excellent divers. Again with over 2500 Authorized Dealers in more than 100 countries, your SSI certification card will be welcome anywhere you want to dive.


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