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Labuan Bajo Komodo - Indonesia

In conjunction with Dive Point Komodo at Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia:

ssi-instructor-certifierChristian Kiendl, SSI Instructor Certifier # 48381, was the former Training Director for SSI Headquarter Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei

Now, since 2015 back in the field to train and educate all levels of Dive Professionals in Labuan Bajo, Komodo, Indonesia in conjunction with Divers Point Komodo

Living and Instructing Divers since more then 19 years in Asia, and acted as an Instructor Trainer in Indonesia from 2008 till 2012 with more than 40 successful ITC's and Crossovers on his back before joining SSI (SMB) he trained more than 180 SSI Dive Professionals from 2008 till 2012

Conducting over 50 SSI Instructor Examinations during the 2012 -2015 period, so who knows better how to pass an Instructor Examination than the former Instructor Examiner for Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei

The Classroom is a spacious room which can sit easily 10 andidates if needed, so you will have all the space you need for your manuals, laptop and all the other things you need on a DIVE PRO course

The Pool - Confined Water Siteare within a short time by car or boat and has a shallow part of 1 m and a nice slope down to 2 m (pool) or any depth you choose (confined water) ideal for emergency ascent training

It is also easy to conduct the Waterman ship evalauation in confined water or in the pool depending on the skill  


The Diving is either at the local islands near by or in the Komodo National Park, if needed to get up your dives.

ssi-dive-professional-training-komodoThe boat has a "giant stride" entry and a very large and comfortable ladder on each side to comfortably leave the underwater world behind.

With it's powerful in board engin you can reach most precious divesites in the Komodo National Park in less than 2 hours

There you can find all the lovely creatures why people want to start diving, like Manta Ray, Napoleon Wrasse, Eagle Ray, Whitetip sharks, Blacktip sharks and Grey reef sharks, Giant Sweetlips, Green Moray eels, Turtles, Orang Utan Crabs, and all the other small and big stuff in the Komodo National Park


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