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SSI Open Water Diver

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Open Water Diver Certification

ssi-open-water-diverYour ticket to the underwater world - the SSI OPEN WATER DIVER certificate. Your SSI Student Manual, DVD and water training sessions combined will help you learn everything you need to know to start your adventure the fun and correct way. The SSI Student Manual includes study guide questions at the end of each section to help you retain your new knowledge and test your retention. During your SSI Open Water Diver training sessions you will learn all of the necessary skills and safe diving procedures to be a comfortable confident diver.

SSI Open Water Diver certification cards are recognized throughout the world. They entitle you to dive with other certified divers, enable you to purchase/rent equipment and obtain air fills anywhere you choose to dive.


ssi open water diverExploration, exotic locations, amazing color and beauty... these are just a few of the things you will experience in the spectacular underwater world.

Welcome to your new adventure, innerspace. Congratulations—Scuba diving is a wonderful sport for everyone! You can look forward to many memorable diving adventures in the years to come. We want you to know we appreciate your potential selection of the SSI Training Facility, which provides Scuba Schools International training aids and standards — the finest the scuba industry has to offer. You can become an important new member of the worldwide SSI organization, and we want to do everything possible to help you love diving as much as we do.

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