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XR Nitrox Diver


XR Nitrox Diver

xr-nitrox-diverThe line between recreational Nitrox diving and technical diving is sometimes difficult to determine. Descending along a coral wall in clear, warm waters, you will not find a warning sign painted at 40m. Many recreational divers have successfully ventured deeper and have safely returned to the surface.
Just as recreational divers have crossed the boundary into “tech”, it is often the case that technical diving conditions exist within recreational limits. A dive to 36m on a deteriorating wreck in low visibility, cold water, and heavy current, certainly tests the classic definition of a recreational dive!

This program qualifies you to dive to 40 meters using Nitrox and 15 minutes of accelerated decompression using a one stage decompression gas (oxygen).

The Extended Range Course has been designed to address two distinct objectives. First, it will provide all divers with the knowledge, skill, equipment familiarity, and experience to minimize risk, increase confidence, and have more fun in challenging extended range conditions. Second, it will provide a solid foundation for those divers who wish to participate in more advanced technical training and further extend their range underwater.


  • SSI Deep and Nitrox Diver certifications or equivalent
  • Advanced Open Water certification or equivalent
  • Logged 24 dives including 6 Nitrox dives

What’s Included?

The Course includes all the elements required for completion: a copy of the SSI XR Extended Range Manual to use during the entire session of the course, internationally recognized SSI XR Extended Range Nitrox Certification card, full equipment hire, high quality instruction from a highly qualified experienced instructors, tea, coffee, water, light refreshments and free access to wifi internet connection.

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