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Adventure Diver to SSI Dive Master


Always wanted to get out of the 9 to 5 job, then you just hit the right page.

As long as you can swim and feel comfortable in the water there is nothing else then yourself which would stop you to start now!

An ideal Internship should provide you with everything you need to get out in the field to do your job and have as little questions as possible.

Some courses (if taught by minimal time standards) will not give you that extra you need to be successful and find a job easily.

Here at Scuba Diving Internships we will make sure that our combined knowledge of over 50 years diving and teaching will help you to achieve that goal.

Our “Adventurer Diver to Divemaster” internship includes a minimum of the following:


•             Advanced Open Water Course                 

•             (4 specialty's Deep, Night and 2 to choose)

•             Respond Right First Aid/CPR                      

•             Stress & Rescue Course                               

•             Dive Guide Course                                         

•             Science of Diving Specialty (DM)

*Ideally you should be an Open Water Diver already, so you know already that you like diving. But you also can start from the beginning for extra charge of course.

This Scuba Diving Internship will take 1 to 2 month and in this 1 to 2 month (depending on your progress and the time you have available) you will take courses, have home study assignments and pass exams and evaluations.

BUT you also will join fun-divers during their exploration of the many stunning reefs and walls around Labuan Bajo, Flores, Komodo,  Indonesia, while observing the guides.

When do they turn or go to shallower depths and why? How they make sure all divers are safe at the surface with ample reserve air in their tanks? How can they find all this little creatures?

You will fill tanks, YES, most internships are not including this, as they just teach Divemasters how to guide divers. But believe us it is way easier to find a job if you can list Tank filling, Nitrox blending, Equipment repair and maintenance in your resume.

Ask for our price of this action packed Internship

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